Sunday, September 18, 2005

Corby Yates homeFunny how these post coincide with my days off. Wasted my 2nd day off sleeping and missed all of Fridays gigs. Hope everyone had fun but there's more coming. The North Country Fair is on in Arcata for two days. Tonight you got Corby Yates in SoHum at the Riverwood Inn. In Eureka you have David Friesen and Uwe Kropinski at the Eagle House also a few blocks away at Rumours its hip hop with Dr. Oop and The Blackloveradiators. For the metal heads its back to Arcata for the P.H.I.S.T. CD release party at Humboldt Brews. So, you got your work cut out for you tonight. Have fun but please always designate a driver

I'm always looking for photos of the shows I missed so if you feel like sharing you can e-mail them to me. Ill just add them HumCity's flickr page. Thanks in advance for the help. CJ

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