Friday, December 09, 2005

The Dalloways are coming back to town! The only question is, which lucky venue gets to book them. They are looking for 3 days in February. They put on a great show this summer out at Placebo. If you missed them, I did a podcast a few months back and am working on getting some video up on iTunes. I love this band and you will to. If you have a spot for them in Feb. please contact Gary (see below). Thanks, CJ

I am booking a few weekend outings for THE DALLOWAYS (from Fresno / Bakersfield), and was hoping you had a spot available for them? I'm not sure if these dates are too far away for you, but either way let me know if you can work with us. We are looking for a 45 minute set anywhere in the nights line-up....

The Dalloways play dreamy shoegazer pop. Think The Smiths meets Belle and Sebastian meets The Doves. For more info visit these sites:

Dates they are looking for are: Friday 02/10/2006, Saturday 02/11/2006, Sunday 02/12/2006, Contact Gary Jimmerson at Haywire Booking Agency

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