Wednesday, April 05, 2006

HumCity #27 with Lions In The Street

Video: Lions in the StreetWe listen to Already Gone and Lady Blue by, four longhaired Canadians, the Lions In The Street. Their bio reasd: Songs from our parent's basement, recorded on an 8-track, with guitar solos. Believe it. Band Membersare Chris on Guitar and Vocals. Sea on Guitar. Enzo on Bass. Jeff on Drums and Organ. They list their influences as the Rolling Stones (you think?), Faces, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, and Tom Petty

In an interview at the boys described themselves as 4 Longhaired Canadians, tired of getting kicked in the balls by the record business in the US, release music for free to the people. We turned down making a record with Todd Rundgren, same with Bob Ezrin. The vibe wasn't right. Instead we're releasing free homemade demos, recorded by us, in our basement, with accompanying homemade videos. And they sound killer. We might be the best pure rock and roll band in the world. Dig it. And the only current rock and roll band with a great guitar player, in the style of Mick Taylor or Eric Clapton

show intro by Tony Steidler-Dennison at the The Roadhouse podcast.
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Video at YouTube of the Lions in the Street Already Gone
Video at YouTube of the Lions in the Street Already Gone

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