Monday, August 28, 2006

HumCity Podcast with Bang! Bang!

We listen to Bang! Bang! - new wave, indie punk, from Chicago Illinois. tag line: What is Sex Rock, anyway? myspace: bangbangband review: Sounding like the oversexed offspring of The B-52s, The Buggles and Devo, Bang! Bang! holds new wave's (and Glam's) punk roots close to its heart as it bumps and grinds. Decked Out, with its cunning combination of giddy pop hooks and suggested lust, establishes the Chicago outfit among the leaders of today's new wave revival such as The Epoxies and Menthol. But Bang! Bang! isn't falling into the world of I Love the '80s camp and nostalgia. For every plastic, soulless new wave outfit, there was one just as sincere and important. Bang! Bang! is one of the latter - -

show notes:
Bang! Bang!-Decked Out at Amazon
Muiso (pronounced MOO-EE-SO)

Our prayers to Todd Cochrane at the Geek News Central Podcast. He lost his father in an automobile accident this week.

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