Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I have had my brown Zune over a month now. After hearing mostly negative from many of my tech icons including Leo LaPorte, the Buzz Out Loud gang, and Todd Cochrane I am more then a little disappointed in the initial reviews. Here are a few of my early thoughts.

my likes:
larger screen-it stretches the video to fit the wider screen which can look a little weird sometimes
better sound-to these old ears, it sounds better then both my iPod's
fm radio-not a fan but nice to have, plus its enhanced
WIFI- the possibilities are mind boggling. squirt me!
Zune Pass-what a time saver. I was able to find 99% of the new indie music I wanted to review for $15 with Zune Pass

my dislikes:
janky album art-
I have failed to master the art of getting a clean looking JPG from my collection and the Marketplace album art looks just as bad
slow video conversion-even my own wmv files have to go thru this to get installed on the Zune. At the moment I am taking the mp4's I have converted for my iPod's and converting it again for the Zune
no podcast integration-hello, Microsoft... anybody there? This is a no brainer
WIFI- I'm so lonely... squirt me

There you have it. Check back for more Zune reviews. CJ
Zune tag: Indie Grandpa

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