Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mar 01 - The NPK tonight at HumBrews

I got this e-mail today:

heya- how you doin'? just droppin a line that we're playing a short set at humbrews tomorrow(thursday) march 1st before Yer Dog.
we just finished a new album. it's being mastered as we speak, and as soon as we get the finished product, i'll send you one. love to hear what you think about it, we're pretty stoked on it. we're doing a southern humboldt world tour for the release that will be eight shows in about five weeks. most of the shows will be benefits for the local volunteer fire departments, Salmon Creek, Whale Gulch, Briceland, Palo Verde. one in redway that's a benefit for KMUD, an acoustic show at the Garberville Theater (a benefit for The Civil Liberties Monitoring Project) and a show at a new possibility for an all ages venue in Garberville. it's the old school district office and this show will be raising money to help The Youth Center buy the building. The kick off show is at Nicki's Bar in Shelter Cove on Saint Patricks Day. Hope alls well on your end! cheers--- T. ---The NPK

I would love to be there guys but I have to work. If you have not heard The NPK I suggest you go give a listen.

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