Monday, May 28, 2007

A four piece acoustic ukulele band from Northern California, proves the little instrument is not a toy. UKEsperience was formed in 2006, when musicians sharing a passion for the uke and a vision of a ukulele band, came together after performing in other bands. A primo blend of folk, rock, world, island vibe, boogie ukulele, our music is appealing to all ages. With an endorsement by Pono ‘ukuleles from Wahiawa, Hawaii, UKEsperience is among these ukulele legends and performers: Abe Lagrimus Jr., Ben Chong, Bruce Shimabukuro, Chino Montero, Ernie Cruz Jr., Jin Takuma, Ledward Kaapana, Lyle Ritz, Roy Sakuma, and others. Our natural sound strongly emphasizes the ukulele, producing, not the usual old standards, but interesting and innovative tunes. We can also be heard online at Ukefarm Radio : links: : :

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