Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What: Swallows and Kusikia
When: May 16, 2007, 8:00 PM
Where: Sacred Grounds, 686 F St, Arcata CA
Cost: donation
Description: Swallows, artrock duo from Portland, Oregon comes to play their fav California town, Arcata. Also playing is Kusikia from Tacoma, Wa

Swallows are Em Brownlowe (vocals, guitar, keys) and Jon Miller (drums, melodica). They formed in the Summer of 2004 when they converged in Portland - Jon from the East Coast - and Em from San Diego. Originally playing under the moniker of Dirty Shirley, their foot stomping rock and roll sound quickly morphed into new sonic territory. They changed their name to Swallows and began writing new music. The duo use unexpected methods, non-traditional techniques and a queer aesthetic to form their songs. Swallows songs are informed by blues, indie-rock, surf-rock and the rejection of pre-conception.

Me With Trees Towering showcases the band's progressive pop structures and restructured rock landscapes. The frantic explosions and dark undertones explore themes of self-enforced solitude, life changes and creative interpretation. The release shows a strong spirit and early maturity; Em and Jon are in their early 20's.

The bands first full length release, Me With Trees Towering was produced by Radio Sloan (The Need, Peaches, Fact or Fiction, Courtney Love Band) and will be released October 10th on Sarah Dougher's label, Cherchez La Femme Projects. Two tracks feature guest musicians: Sarah Dougher (organ) on 'Surf Song, OR' and Emily Herring (slide guitar) on 'The Lonesome Cowboy'. The band has previously shared the stage with Scout Niblett, Anna Oxygen, Jen Wood, Rebecca Gates (ex-Spinnanes), Shitting Glitter, Swan Island and Two Ton Boa. Swallows played at the annual PDX Pop Now! festival 2006 and the first We Made This Portland Festival in August 2006.

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