Saturday, June 02, 2007

iTunes Plus, it's available now. Songs are 256kbps AAC quality, DRM-free for less than a $1.29 per track. $0.30 upgrade for each song already downloaded or about $3.00 for most albums.

I guess I'm not a big EMI fan as the only album I bought was Grand Funk Railroad. iTunes Plus must be getting hammered. I have been trying for 2 days to download the upgraded version of my 1 album. I suggest waiting a few days if you plan on upgrading your songs. Once they are in your "downloads" you can't remove them, least I haven't figured out how, and every time the download fails you get an annoying little pop-up. If you plan on buying music on iTunes please use the Plus service. Let the record industry know that this is how you want your music. Without copy protection, and able to play it on any of your devices, at any time.

note: After 2 days of trying to download the Grand Funk Railroad album upgrade, this morning the last three remaining songs downloaded in about in about 5 minutes. Go give iTunes Plus some love...oh...I almost forgot. One way I found to stop the forced downloads (upgrade) is to "pause all" in the iTunes "download" window. You can restart them one at a time by clicking the circular arrow (see green button)

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