Monday, June 04, 2007

Billy Midnight homeBilly Midnight drops new CD July 21
Billy Midnight are touring in support of their new CD Divided Too Long which is dropping July, 21 2007 at The Casba in San Diego.

Billy Midnight Brothers Bobby and Billy Shaddox were exposed to music from an early age. Their father, Tom, would softly croon acoustic lullabies like Danny’s Song and House at Pooh Corner at the side of their crib. With keen instincts dad penned a song for his boys called, Bobby the Frog & Billy the Duck, calculating into the song the boys distinct natures and opposite personalities. From early on Billy showed a fondness for the guitar and following in the tradition of his father and grandfather, he diligently learned chords and basic finger picking patterns. Billy says that in his early teens, Jimi Hendrix fired his imagination and led him to explore the genres of Rock, Blues, Country and Bluegrass. On the other hand, Bobby found the guitar challenging and turned his interests towards singing. They say Bobby was, Gifted with a very loud voice and love for entertaining.

The brothers were both exploring their musical talents at this time separately. It wasn’t until junior college that Billy joined Bobby’s group which was renamed from Sgt.X to Naked Jumpies. This venture however, collapsed due to artistic differences and the brothers drifted apart musically. After other unsuccessful attempts to find the right mix, it wasn’t until fate stepped in, and over a backyard bonfire the pair met Chris Greenspan, a wise cracking, street-smart fellow. Sensing an immediate bond Chris joined the pair and, Billy Midnight was formed. Now they describe their sound as Cosmic American music. :

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