Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Brothers Comatose

The Brothers Comatose shows exude a foot-stomping, shout-along, drink-along ease that was once a staple in every music playing, front-stoop-possessing home in the land. Their shows can’t help but remind folk that music is collective, is for dancing, is for sharing, and for whatever else you might do with friends and family in your own living room. The Brothers Comatose are touring in support of their new LP Respect the Van and you can see them tonight at Humboldt Brews in Arcata along with Humboldt's own No Good Redwood Ramblers


The Brothers Comatose (Vimeo)


what: The Brothers Comatose
date: August 25
time: 9:30pm
venue: Humboldt Brews
phone: 707-826-2739
cost: $10 - tickets

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