Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights on his Illumination Tour at Blue Lake Casino tonight. Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith. At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the basic form of bangin' beats, Pretty Lights is giving the people what they want: electro organic cutting-edge party rocking beats that fill venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies. Also: Stephan Jacobs (dubstep from LA), and Paul Basic (electro hip-hop from Fort Collins, CO)

Pretty Lights (YouTube)


what: Pretty LightsStephan Jacobs
date: September 9
time: 6pm
venue: Blue Lake Casino
phone: (707) 668-9770
cost: $36 - tickets

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