Friday, October 19, 2012


Basstoberfest is a music, art, and multi-media benefit for KMUD. Strap on your glitter infested dancing shoes, fairy wings and magical buttons and come and trip the light fantastic. Featuring: Psyfi - Ooze system sound, Dirtbag with special guest MC Kelley Mak, Piper, Haiku, live art by Roman Villagrana, and beer. Brought to you by KMUD, Venatore Media, and Treehouse Music Entourage. Advance tickets at: Lotus Cafe, Peoples Records, The Works, KMUD Studio and online

what: Basstoberfest
date: Today, Oct 19
time: 8:30pm
venue: The Mateel
phone: 707-923-3368
cost: $10/at the door TBA

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