Saturday, October 20, 2012


EOTO, on their Bass Invader Tour, present The Lotus at the Arcata Theatre tonight. Currently on the road with a fully-immersive and elaborate 3D ‘Lotus Flower’ stage design. With the legendary VJ Zebbler, the bands evolutionary process has been thrust into hyperspeed, eclipsing standard acts in their wake. Each night fans are treated with a unique improvisational visual odyssey paired with equally mind-blowing improvised music. EOTO has taken the production to the road with stops in 35+ cities on their 2012 Spring Tour, as well as at some of the biggest Summer festivals in the U.S. Advanced tickets at People’s Records, DTA, Wildberries Marketplace, The Works, and online

EOTO (YouTube)

what: EOTO
date: Today, Oct 20
time: 9:30pm
venue: Arcata Theatre
phone: 707-822-1220
cost: $20 - tickets

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