Saturday, October 20, 2012

Roach Gigz, Iamsu!, Green R. Fieldz

Roach Gigz, on his Bugged Out Tour, with Iamsu!, Green R. Fieldz, A1, Baby E, and Nima Fadavi will be at The Mateel in Redway CA tonight. Advanced tickets available  at: Digg Music, The Headroom, Park N Take It, Redway Liquor, The Works, and People Records and online

Roach Gigz (YouTube)


also: Iamsu!

Iamsu (YouTube)


what: Roach Gigz, , Iamsu!
date: Today, Oct 20
time: 8pm
venue: The Mateel
phone: 707-923-3368
cost: $20 - tickets

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