Sunday, January 01, 2006

Humboldt County Blown away is right. I just got back on line since about 10 AM yesterday. I was out in the wood shed having smoke and the wind started howling. I had been though many a storm here but the wind seemed to gust extra hard! I had guessed at that time 40 mph sustained with 60 mph gust. I was amazed to find out later that the wind had in fact gust to 90 mph! Well, as saturated as the ground was, it was inevitable that we get some windfalls. I just didn't think they would fall this close to the studio. I have been without power until about 4:00 PM this afternoon. I will get some better photos up as soon as I find the camera (senior moment). This is with my cell phone in the pouring rain. It turned out to be a nice day but I hear more rain is on the way. The news says it is going to hit mid state. Our prayers go out to them. I hear they were hit hard as well. I have not seen any photos or video. Just what I have been able to hear on the radio, which has not been much. I was going to do a podcast yesterday but now I will be lucky to even get the events updated, damn. Stay dry. CJ

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