Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bazooka Joe goes digital

Check out the new Bazooka Joe ad campaign. The kid looks like a pirate to me. You can mash-up downloadable mp3's. Make your own Bazooka dance video and upload it to YouTube

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Bazooka Joe Dot Com
Bubble gum goes digital!
Bazooka Joe is now up and running, online with his very own website at

"My mom, she gave me...
A dime? A quarter? How about a 10 dollar bill? With some skill, you can rhyme that! It's so much fun to make up your own words; but start out with the original version! We put the words to the Bazooka song on the website, where you can download the track too!

See you on YouTube
Pssst. We are letting you in on some top secret info now, so listen up. When you go to our website, we are going to ask you to make your own Bazooka dance video and upload it to YouTube"

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