Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fire Fall

Fire Fall 2012 is a beautiful expression of a community coming together. Everyone bringing what is uniquely theirs to share with the community. Along with this sharing we will dance and rejoice to amazing music while in the absolutely most beautiful outdoor space. 24 hours of music on 2 stages, camping area. Call the info line the day of the event for location instructions at 707-702-1478. Memberships located at: Wildberries Market, DTA, Peoples Records, The Works

Two stages with the legendary Bass Craft Soundsystem. Lights provided by Beams, Lasers, and Lights
Time Slots:
The Ice Stage 
3pm - Joe - E
4pm - On Hell
5pm - Jay Vigor
6pm - Walter Lee
7pm - Dub Cowboy
8pm - Derek Watts
9pm - Fetuxture
10pm - Psymbionic
11pm - Psy Fi
Midnight - The Burn by Pyroglyphics
12:30am - Barry Weaver
2am - Grizzwald
3am - Bogl
4am - Hypha
5am - Knowa Knowone
6am - Tim Brown
7am - Vealchop
8am - Kitty D
9am - Nanda
10am - MaDDHaTTa and Moon
11am - Aaron Matthew Dyer
Noon - Cousin Larry and Honey Pot
1pm - Mike D

The Fire Stage
3pm - Rhizae
4pm - Treemeista
5pm - Chris Que
6pm - Cacao
7pm - MiKEY
8pm - Kimba
9pm - Touch
10pm - Jsun
11pm - ELiKi
Midnight - The Burn by Pyroglyphics
12:30am - Danny Corn
2am - El Papa Chango
3am - Jeno Void
4:30am - Matt Nicholas vs. Dj Havoc
6am - Zannapod
7am - Random Rab
8:30am - Shawna
9:30am - Kevlar
10:30am - The Middle Agent
11:30am - Mr. E.W. vs Sycamore
1:00pm - Grasshoppa

what: Fire Fall 2012
date: Today, Oct 13 thru 14
time: 3pm
venue: Humboldt somewhere
phone: 707-702-1478
cost: $40 - tickets

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