Sunday, January 01, 2006

Thanks going out to Joel Hartse of Times-Standard for the Best albums of 2005 article. I was late (as usual) reading the e-mail Joel sent but was able to make the deadline. Joel spelled my name wrong but he did list 6 of my picks (he only wanted 5) so it was a fair trade-off. Everybody gets the spelling wrong. In fact most people are a little freaked by my name so I have taken to using CJ.

I usually make a list of my favorite LPs of the year so I had been thinking about them. I try to pick at least 10 to 15 albums so look for that list soon. I wish more folks had taken Joel up on his open offer to list their favorites. Maybe next year I can help pimp it, if I read my e-mail in time. Stay dry. CJ


Joel said...

Hey CJ - I am so sorry I messed up on your name. I know how frustrating that can be. Maybe next time more people will's still a bit early. Cheers!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Damn Joel, sorry I'm so late in replying. I didnt see you down there. Its not frustrating at all. After 50 years I am used to it, really. Just giving you a hard time. Plus I got an extra pick.

"it's still a bit early" can people still submit their picks?

I see you like Sigur Ros. I do as well. If you like them, you may like the new Royksopp - The Understanding. I like it a lot. It will be in with my Picks of 2005. I like all of Royksopp's stuff. CJ